Our Vision

What We Believe

Our Mission:

Our mission is to GIVE ourselves to God in whole-hearted worship, to GROW in our knowledge of Christ and in our love for one another, and to GO by the power of the Holy Spirit as we bless the church and bring hope to the world.

Our Vision:

We envision for Kalihi Union Church…

    • …a great revival, a rekindling of the fire of the Holy Spirit enveloping all of Kalihi, with our church leading the way as we approach a century of faithfulness and obedience to the word of God.
    • …this great revival with our “Prayer Saturated” church standing as a beacon of righteousness, where everyone is excited about worship and wants to glorify God by sharing their time, talents and possessions.
    • …a rebirth of our church as it enters its second century, committed to producing leaders and disciples of Christ who value the centrality and finality of God’s Word, while choosing daily to become a living sacrifice.
    • …a Peacemaking Church where authentic relationships are developed primarily through Ohana Groups, resulting in a body of believers focused on glorifying God and building His Kingdom.
    • …a community-wide transformation where we are actively praying for, serving and reaching out to local families as well as being involved in global evangelism.
    • …a revival of hope and a plan for a vibrant youth and young adult ministry where the people feel valued, accepted, and connected.
    • …a church known for compassionate ministries for the elderly, disabled and those with special needs, maximizing its blessings of revitalized and purposeful facilities, with people dedicated to serving God and our multi-ethnic community.

Our Core Values:

GIVE  *  GROW  *  GO


Being God-centered: Each member lives to glorify God, to extend his Kingdom within ourselves, the hearts of all people and to stand for His Righteousness in this fallen world.

Whole-hearted Worship: Each member participates in whole-hearted worship, starting on Sunday and continuing throughout the week. They live to please God in attitudes, words and actions.

Commitment to Corporate Prayer: Each member sees corporate prayer as a priority.


Personal Devotional Life: Each member grows in their relationship with Jesus Christ through regular times of reading and reflecting on God’s word and prayer.

Practical Biblical Preaching and Teaching: Each member gives attention to God’s Word as the final authority in faith and living. The Bible is taught with practical application. Each one desires to be a doer of the word and not only a hearer.

Healthy, Loving Relationships: Each member extends Christ’s love and acceptance to all within his/her own family unit and within the church family at large. Each one avoids gossip and makes every effort to be at peace with one another.


Compassionate Missions and Outreach: Each member lives as a missionary, being motivated by Christ’s love. Each one develops a heart to reach people for Christ, locally and globally.

Empowering People for Service: Each member is equipped for building the body of Christ by utilizing one’s spiritual gift(s) with the heart of a servant, relying on the Holy Spirit. 

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