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Come get connected to God and to the family of Kalihi Union.  Join an “Ohana Group” to find fellowship, support, spiritual nurturing and Bible study! Various groups meet on different days of the week (at church and in homes).

View/Download this week’s Ohana Group Discussion Questions:

Sermon Series:  “Crossing Over By Faith”

[*For Ohana Questions for the weeks of March 4 and March 11, please email Pastor Brad Toyama at brad.toyama@kalihiunion.org for the questions.  This page will not be updated during that period.]

Week of Feb 25, 2018 Joshua 8 “Choosing Your Mountain to Stand”

Week of Feb 18, 2018  Joshua 7  “When Sin Enters the Family”

Week of Feb 11, 2018  Joshua 6  “The Shout that Crumbles Fortresses”

Week of Feb 4, 2018  Joshua 5  “Preparing for Battle”

Week of Jan 28, 2018 Joshua 4 ” “Monuments That Speak”

Week of Jan 21, 2018  Joshua 3  “A Guide to Going Where You Have Never Been Before”

Week of Jan 14, 2018  Joshua 2  “A Prostitute’s Faith and a Scarlet Cord”

Week of Jan 7, 2018  Joshua 1  “Crossing Over By Faith”


To find an Ohana group near you, or get more information, contact Pastor Brad Toyama at brad.toyama@kalihiunion.org or call 841-7022, ext. 706.

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