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Dear Parents,

    In a few weeks summer will be upon us.  “In the olden days” summers ran from June through August and we started back to school the day after Labor Day.  Now, school ends in May and begins again in July.  Not much of a break…

    Whether your child is entering kindergarten at “big school” or just entering a new grade, please realize how stressful this can be for your child.  We often believe that our children are adaptable and most are.  However, depending on your child’s temperament and learning style, starting at a new school, in a new grade or having a new routine can be really scary and/or traumatic.

     After the excitement of new clothes and new school supplies wears off, the fear of not having any friends, not having their old friends or being bullied is very real.  Pay attention to your child’s face and countenance each day.  Ask your child how his/her day went…then listen.  Our kids need to know that we care and are interested in what’s going on in their lives.  Don’t interrogate or lecture…share a story from your day and your child will join in.

     Have a great summer making fond memories and pray for a strong start to the new school year…


Hugs, Joy



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