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  • June 15, 2016
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Join “Campaign for Jesus – Hawaii!”13336056_1737338526546470_1256620496154087408_n

Aloha! Welcome to “Campaign for Jesus – Hawaii!” The heart of our campaign is to draw attention to the only One we believe who can make a positive difference for our lives today. Our hope is that thousands will be impacted by the testimony of those who are willing to stand and bear witness for Jesus Christ.

We invite those who are not ashamed of the Gospel, who are not ashamed of what Jesus has done for them on the Cross and who are willing to proclaim His testimony to others, to join the “Campaign for Jesus – Hawaii.” We are committed to reflect the values of grace, truth and love throughout this campaign. We care more about what people think about Jesus, and we will focus on what is right, admirable and praiseworthy, rather than the criticisms, gossips and obnoxiousness that often swirl in the political winds. Throughout this campaign you will see acts of kindness and efforts that reflect the heart and hands of Jesus, together with a call to join in the campaign.

Matthew 5:16 says to “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

To join the efforts of “Campaign Jesus,” plan an opportunity to provide good deeds in your community; serve the homeless, help the elderly, or families in need, be mentors to underprivileged children, volunteer at an abuse shelter, clean local parks, beaches or schools, partner with your local school district to serve the needs of families, pray for your community, etc. It’s all about being the hands and heart of Jesus to our neighbors.

Organize your church, small group, bible study, friends, neighbors to participate in a good deed that serves your community bearing the name of Jesus on a T-shirt, or a banner sign, that testifies to the hope that only Jesus can provide. Our prayer is that in every district people will come to see Jesus as the only “candidate” who can bring Hope to our community.Campaign Jesus 2

To find out more, visit the official website:

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