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REVEREND DOCTOR JONATHAN STEEPER  |  Senior Pastor  |  841-7022  ext. 711

Pastor JonathanPastor Jonathan’s passion is a love for God’s people.  He wants everyone in the local church from little children to seniors to grow in knowing Jesus Christ. He believes in the transforming power of prayer and values Christian community as a Biblical expression of the living power of the Holy Spirit.  He focuses on preaching, teaching, leadership development and congregational care.

Jonathan and his wife Tricia have three children (Matthew, Rebekah, and Ben) and one granddaughter (Ada). Their family has lived in a variety of cultures and have ministered in repeated multi-dimensional contexts in Canada, Europe, Central America and Africa. He has previously served as pastor to two different churches in eastern Canada and as a missionary with his family in Albania during a turbulent period.

Although born in Honolulu, he was raised in Canada, graduating with awards from West Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto and the Baptist Leadership Training School in Calgary. He earned his BA in history from the University of Western Ontario in London, and his Masters of Divinity with awards from Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia. Now, God has intervened to call his family back to the church of his heritage at Kalihi Union. He has completed doctoral studies in cross-cultural research in the area of prayer and evangelism. Jonathan is more hands-on than academic and enjoys the outdoors, music, sports, gardening and a variety of hobbies.

PASTOR CLIVE COWELL  |  Associate Pastor  |  841-7022  ext. 709

Associate Pastor Clive has been in Hawaii since 1992.  He might have been born in England and might have traveled to many places as a response to Christ’s love, including India, the Far East, SE Asia, and Southern Europe, but he has always felt Hawaii should be the place where he keeps his suitcases – until he returns home to the Lord or the Lord has other plans.  Sharing his suitcases with him is his wife Maya.  They’ve been married since 1989 and still travel, watch movies, eat out and reflect on life’s rich tapestry together.  With Maya’s support, Clive has been able to carry out his passion for Bible teaching for over 25 years.
Clive feels “very loved, very privileged and very humbled” to be a part of what our Lord is doing.  Clive’s testimony is that the love of God penetrated his heart even when his own heart was hardened by sin and disobedience.  “It’s still amazing grace, awesome grace, absolute grace that God should bring me new life, even today, after being born again to a new life back in September of 1992.”  Clive adds, “Its humbling to think that God gives us space, especially when we are so self-centered, so self-reliant, and so much in self-control.  Why would God do that?  The only answer that still satisfies is that God loves us and He does so unconditionally.”  What further inspires Clive is that the Lord loves us so much but doesn’t want us to stay in our continuing selfish ways.  “I think we can listen to a lot of things, but the only true voice to listen to is God – without any doubt.  If we listen to God, and are warmed by His love, I can say that the right transformations have a chance to take place.”  So, if you meet Clive, you’ll find that his desire is to give you space – he’ll love you – and, as necessary, and as guided by God, he will love you enough not to have you stay in the place where he once was.

PASTOR JOHN BARROW  | Pastor of Japanese Fellowship & Family Life  |  841-7022 ext. 708

Pastor John Barrow was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. John’s mother is Japanese and his father is from the United States.  John attended an international school for his primary and secondary education.  In elementary school, John began attending a church in Kobe, where he professed his faith in Christ and was baptized.
John graduated from California Baptist University, School of Christian Ministries and earned a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  After serving in various ministry roles in Riverside, CA and Barrington, IL, God has led him and his family to Kalihi Union Church, where he now serves as Pastor of Japanese Fellowship and Family Ministry.
He commits to the authority of Scripture and is passionate about growing disciples of Jesus Christ.  He is bilingual in English and Japanese and is international and multi-cultural minded. He loves to play the guitar and kick the soccer ball around. John is married to Mayumi and they are blessed with their son Jonah.


PASTOR BRAD TOYAMA  | Pastor of Administration  |  841-7022  ext. 706

new Pastor Brad 11-13-12

As the Pastor of Administration, Pastor Brad’s role is to help the pastoral team to become fruitful and effective in the ministry of the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He does this through four main areas:

1)  Communications (bulletins, banners, brochures, inserts, flyers, posters, newsletters,  Annual Report, Church Photo Directory, electronic media, etc.). 

2)  Calendars (building and updating the church’s yearly ministry calendar and coordinating the pastoral calendars.). 

3)  Conferences (Works in partnership as the liaison for all conferences and special events held on our campus). 

4)  Community Life (organizing and managing information of people including those that are baptized, new members, Connecting Point attendees, and Friendship Bridge visitors.

Brad placed his faith in Jesus Christ at a Youth for Christ (YFC) sponsored camp in 1988.  Following this life-changing decision, he decided to serve with YFC for over 10 years in the Kalihi area as a Student Leader, Staff Volunteer, Club Director, and Full-Time Staffer.  He also volunteered with the Susannah Wesley Community Center and served as the Program Director for the Kalihi YMCA prior to hearing God’s call to pastoral ministry.  Realizing how God was preparing him, he and his new wife Jane decided to go to Canada for seminary training, where they spent two wonderful years on the campus of Trinity Western University.  Brad received his Masters of Arts in Christian Studies degree in 2004 and returned to Hawaii where he eventually got the call to serve on the pastoral team at Kalihi Union Church.

Brad believes that growing up in Kalihi for over 25 years, graduating from Farrington High School, and doing Youth Ministry in Kalihi was no accident, and he thanks God for preparing him for where he’s at today.  He met his beautiful wife Jane while serving in ministry with YFC, and has two adorable children, Justin & Julia.  For fun, Brad enjoys playing basketball, a good chess game, and spending time with his family.

PASTOR KENDAL FONG  |  Pastor of Youth and Community  |  841-7022  ext. 705

Pastor Kendal FongPastor Kendal is called to serve our youth, grow our youth ministries, and give leadership in building bridges to our community through outreach events.  His greatest hope is to see everyone actively involved in personal evangelism, local outreach, and world missions. He seeks to empower the church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ via prayer, provision, and participation.

After hearing the call to ministry over twenty years ago, Kendal initially served as a campus life director with Youth for Christ and a youth director for another local church in Honolulu. He has served at Kalihi Union since 1999, first as a youth director, then to Pastor of Missions and Outreach, and now back to Youth and Community. Over the years, he has assisted with four short-term mission teams to the Philippines, initiated the Kalihi Cares ministry, and led many community outreach events, while investing in the lives of the youth and young adults. Locally, he ministers at Kalihi Waena Elementary as a mentor to one of the students and a member of their School Community Council. Globally, he was a recent member of short-term mission teams to Vietnam and Japan.

God is Kendal’s first love, but coming a close second is his wife JoAnna, his favorite partner in ministry. He cherishes their family, and is proud to be a fourth generation Chinese American, born and raised in Hawaii. In his free time, he enjoys photography, sci fi, and creative arts.

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