Kalihi Aloha Community Service Projects

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  • March 10, 2017
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Kendal Fong cropKalihi Aloha Community Service Projects

By Kendal Fong


One of the distinctive attributes of a Christian is to serve. For Christ Himself did not come to be served but to serve.  Whenever we do acts of service, please keep the following in mind:

1.) All glory goes to God.  Begin and open in prayer.  Throughout the project be reminded of who you are serving.

2.) Serve with a smile and reflect the joy of the Lord.  Your exemplification of Christ is reflected in your direct actions and attitude.

3.) Ask permission to serve if a home, business, school, or establishment is involved.

4.) Ask the people you are serving if there is anything else that you can specifically do to bless them.

5.) Invite the people you are serving to an upcoming event so that there can be an ongoing connection.



  1. Prayer walk in the neighborhood
  2. Pick up trash/rubbish along the sidewalk
  3. Clean up graffiti
  4. Scrape gum off the sidewalk
  5. Pull weeds along the sidewalk
  6. Clean up Richard Lane bridge
  7. Clean windows of N. King Street businesses
  8. Conduct work projects at Kalihi Waena Elementary
  9. Conduct work projects at Fern Elementary
  10. Serve at Manna ministry
  11. Collect canned goods for KUC food pantry
  12. Hand out water at the bus stop in front of KUC
  13. Manage a free car wash
  14. Make Kalihi blessing boxes/bags and hand them out
  15. Hand out Bibles and/or Gospel tracts
  16. Manage a free garage sale
  17. Offer yard cleaning to homes in Kalihi
  18. Offer hedge trimming to homes in Kalihi
  19. Collect bulky items (to be trashed) from homes in Kalihi
  20. Wave Campaign Jesus signs with a smile

At KUC we will be hosting community service opportunities called “Kalihi Aloha” blessings during the week of March 20th to 24th from 12:30pm-2:00pm, and we will be doing some of the above listed ideas.  If interested, please contact Pastor Kendal. However, you can do any of these projects as a small group, ministry or family at any time. If you need supplies, equipment, connections and/or resources, please contact Pastor Kendal at least one week in advance.  When you have completed your Kalihi Aloha blessing, please share a report to Pastor Kendal for administrative purposes, but more so, for testimony of God’s glory.  May you be blessed as you serve the Lord in Kalihi!

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Pastor Kendal Fong. E-mail: Kendal.fong@kalihiunion.org Work Phone: #808-841-7022 x705

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